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Lavallette Trivia

Answers below questions.

1. Who was Lavallette purchased from in 1878?

HINT; Look South

2. What was the original plot plan name for Lavallette filed with Ocean County?

HINT: A City Name

3. Who were the original Summer Bennies of Lavallette?

HINT: They were not from New York.

4. Before 1850, what was the only substantial structure in Lavallette?

HINT: Built in 1830 it is near today’s Ocean Beach Marina


1. In February of 1878, the directors of the Barnegat Land Improvement Company purchased the land to be known as Lavallette from Michael W. Ortley.

2. The directors of the Barnegat Land Improvement Company filed a plot plan with Ocean County, designating the tract they purchased from Michael W. Ortley as “Lavallette City by the Sea.”

3. The earliest human inhabitants along the beaches of Lavallette almost certainly were the Lenni-Lenape Indians, who made an annual spring migration from their inland homes to the sea to harvest the abundant fish and shellfish. They were, however, strictly summer visitors. Like most of those who followed centuries later, they forsook the shore at the first signs of autumn.

4. Before 1850, the only substantial structure in the neighborhood of Lavallette was a hunting lodge that became famous as the Chadwick House. It was built in 1830 near the site of today’s Ocean Beach Marina.

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